BioPorto Diagnostics announces the presentation of a new scientific study that includes data obtained with The NGAL Test - the company's forthcoming diagnostic test for acute kidney injury soon to be introduced for open clinical chemistry analyzers.

The poster entitled "Urinary and plasma NGAL levels reflect the severity of acute kidney injury", which highlights usefulness of NGAL as a biomarker in ICU patients, will be presented by Head of R&D Kristian Bangert at the poster session on Tuesday, March 9, from 18.00 until 19.00. The poster (P529) will be displayed from Tuesday, March 9 at 11.00 until Friday, March 12 at 13.30.

For setting up an appointment with the poster author, please contact Kristian Bangert at

NGAL and The NGAL Test

NGAL is a novel biomarker for diagnosing acute kidney injury (AKI). The key advantage of NGAL is the early response to AKI and the proportionate response to injury.

The NGAL Test will be available for a wide range of clinical chemistry analyzers and is expected to be launched in the beginning of 2011. The NGAL Test will be able to determine NGAL levels in both urine and EDTA plasma within standard routine timeframe.

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Other BioPorto Diagnostics products promoted at ISICEM

During the four day symposium and exhibition, BioPorto Diagnostics will also promote the APC-PCI ELISA Kit, which can be used to stratify sepsis patients into risk categories and introduces the possibility of identifying patients for specific treatments such as APC administration. The kit is for research use only.

BioPorto markets the only commercially available APC-PCI kit. For product enquiries, please contact Ishan Gupta, Product Manager - APC-PCI, at

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