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New overview - NGAL Links and Resources

The increase in research and focus on Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) in the international medical community has made it clear that there is a growing need for diagnosis and management of AKI. 

Ever since NGAL as a diagnostic biomarker was linked to AKI, NGAL has been given a central role in many international AKI initiatives.

The connection between NGAL and AKI diagnostics has led to a wealth of forums and informational resources strengthening the focus on the subject, covering:

•          AKI Guidelines

•          Educational information

•          Government driven reports on AKI

•          National NGAL pages

•          NGAL Study databases and numerous scientific publications

•          International workgroups

•          Diagnostic tools for the clinician (algorithms and Apps to aid AKI management)

To provide an overview and easy access to all these free available resources, we have collected the most recent high impact links and posted them on, here:

Links  & Resources

Find links to important websites, guideline documents, phone apps and much more.