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Product launch: Pig NGAL ELISA Kit (KIT 044)

Pig NGAL shows promise as an acute kidney injury marker using BioPorto Diagnostics new Pig NGAL ELISA Kit (KIT 044)

NGAL is the earliest biomarker for acute kidney injury (AKI) in humans and has shown good promise for use in experimental rodent and canine models. NGAL determination allows kidney injury to be detected almost as soon as it occurs and not just at the later stage when the consequences of damage have set in with impaired kidney function or actual failure. In addition to human, rodent and canine NGAL, pig NGAL could also prove to be of considerable value.

In medical research pigs are widely used as a human substitute model for surgical procedure research and training where kidney injury is an often seen adverse outcome and a great concern. In preclinical trials pigs are being used as an alternative model to dogs in the evaluation of new pharmacological products and pig NGAL could offer a much needed tool for kidney safety testing.

Using urine, plasma or serum for NGAL determination is an affordable and fast method to evaluate kidney damage as compared to the typical microscopic examination of the kidney itself. The new Pig NGAL ELISA Kit can be used early in the development of new treatments for kidney damage, to detect nephrotoxic side effects of new drugs, and for basic science research on kidney injury and kidney diseases.

BioPorto Diagnostics is proud to add the Pig NGAL ELISA Kit to the NGAL product line, now supporting Mouse, Rat, Dog, Cat, Pig and Human NGAL determination.

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