News / The NGAL Test™ for IVD in Europe

The NGAL Test™ now launched for diagnostic use in Europe

BioPorto has CE-marked and is now launching The NGAL Test™ for diagnostic use in Europe. This means that BioPorto is starting to sell the test to European hospitals, where the first physicians are waiting to take advantage of this long-sought tool in combating the harmful effects of acute kidney injury.

The NGAL Test™ (CE-IVD) - a new rapid NGAL assay for clinical chemistry platforms.

Using only a few drops of plasma or urine The NGAL Test™ gives results in just 10 minutes and thus addresses the widespread demand for urgent NGAL determination.

The NGAL Test™ is designed to run on open channels of chemistry analyzers from numerous manufactures effectively giving most laboratories a convenient and easy way to establish NGAL measurements.

For more information about The NGAL Test™ please visit the product page on our website.

What is NGAL?

NGAL is a novel biomarker for diagnosing acute kidney injury (AKI). The key advantage of NGAL is that it responds earlier than other renal status markers like serum creatinine and shows a proportionate response to injury. NGAL therefore provides a new way to identify patients at risk of developing potentially severe acute kidney injury (AKI) - 24-72 hours before the problem would otherwise be detected.

*Forin vitrodiagnostic use in the European Union only. Available for research use only in countries outside the European Union.