Research / Monkey NGAL ELISA


Cat.No. KIT 045

An ELISA for the in vitro  determination of monkey NGAL in urine, plasma, serum, tissue extracts or culture media.
Target Monkey NGAL (Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin)
Specificity Reacts with NGAL from Rhesus (Macaca mulatta) and Cynomolgus (Macaca facicularis) monkeys
Sample Type Monkey urine, plasma or serum, tissue extracts or culture media
Cross reaction No cross reaction to Marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) NGAL nor Human NGAL has been observed
Numbers of tests 96 break apart ELISA wells - 40 tests in duplicate
Sample vol needed 10 µl
Dilution guideline NA
Assay range 10-1000 pg/mL
Limit of Detection 1.5 pg/mL
Assay time <4 hours
Result type Quantitative (pg/mL)
Application For Research Use Only (RUO)

Monkey NGAL - a biomarker for nephrotoxicity in drug development

With the new Monkey NGAL ELISA Kit, urine, plasma or serum samples can be analyzed in a standard laboratory with conventional ELISA equipment. All components are stored at 4°C and all incubations are performed at room temperature. The kit contains ready-to-use reagents and a pre-coated 96-well ELISA "break-a-part wells", which greatly reduces the hands-on time. The simple test protocol permits good reproducibility with a total assay time under 4 hours.

Kit features

  • Highly reproducible and easy to use
    • Ready-to-use working solutions
    • Ready-to-use calibrator stock
    • Pre-coated 96 break-a-part ELISA wells
    • All incubations performed at room temperature
  • Easy storage
    • All components are stored at 4°C
  • Requires only standard ELISA equipment


The Monkey or non-human primate is an important experimental model for medical research because of its close resemblance to the human physiology. Pre-clinical research in monkeys represents one of the final steps towards an approval that allows pharmaceutical companies to proceed to human clinical trials. NGAL has been identified as one of the leading biomarkers for diagnosing acute kidney injury in humans and is therefore often presented as an excellent candidate for the same use in the preclinical testing industry.

The Monkey NGAL ELISA Kit allows for the determination of rises in monkey NGAL concentrations. It is to be hoped that the determination of NGAL may become a convenient end-point in Rhesus and Cynomolgus monkey models of renal injury, nephrotoxicity and other nephropathies. With the launch of the Monkey NGAL ELISA Kit, the BioPorto research portfolio offers NGAL measurements for all animals most commonly used in drug development, safety and efficacy profiling.


  • Drug safety profiling studies (incl. nephrotoxicity)
  • Drug efficacy studies