Research / NGAL ELISA


Cat.No. KIT 036

An ELISA for the  in vitro  determination of human NGAL in urine, serum, plasma, tissue extracts or culture media.

Target Human NGAL (Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin)
Sample Type Human urine, serum, plasma,tissue extracts or culture media
Cross reaction None
Numbers of tests 96 wells - 40 test in duplicate
Sample vol needed 10 µl
Dilution guideline 1/500 (Urine from healthy subjects)
Assay range 10-1000 pg/mL
Limit of Detection 4 pg/mL
Assay time <4 hours
Result type Quantitative (pg/mL)
Application RUO - Research Use Only.  Not for use in diagnostic procedures

Kit features

  • Simple ELISA format - easy to perform
    • Ready-to-use calibrators and working solutions
    • Pre-coated ELISA strips
    • All incubations performed at room temperature
  • Easy storage
    • All components are stored at 4°C
  • Automation possible on open ELISA workstations