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Recombinant NGAL Standards

A range of recombinant NGAL standards is available

To support research a range of recombinant NGAL antigens is available for assay building and experimental use in immuno assays

Product Name Cat no. ELISA Blot IHC
Recombinant human monomer NGAL (rhNGAL) SP001RA + ND ND
Recombinant Mouse NGAL SP002RA + ND ND
Recombinant Rat NGAL SP003RA + ND ND
Recombinant Dog NGAL SP004RA + ND ND
Recombinant Pig NGAL SP005RA + ND ND
Recombinant Monkey NGAL SP006RA + ND ND

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These products are for research use only and not to be used for diagnostic purposes.

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